The Journey Begins

Bee is that girl that recently found herself writing for twenty years with nothing to show for it. With a stirring of life events, it came to her attention that maybe she should blog her exploration of life and writing. This is no frilly author full of rainbows and butterflies. This is a Girl Named Bee. She is dark, sarcastic, high energy and giggly. She is a nerd and a secret super hero. Join her as she explores this journey, wherever that may lead.

So we will start today with one word. Quitter. It’s a book by Jon Acuff devoted to gracefully and logically closing the gap between your day job and dream job. But, for Bee, who I will now talk about in first person, it should be called Fired! That’s right! I, Bee, was fired. For the first time in my life I woke up to a new and different reality. I waited so long to quit, I was quit on. (I promise it has nothing to with referring to myself in the third person. Not a habit. And if you do refer to yourself in the third person, rethink it.)

I mean think about it. If we all talked about ourselves in the third person there would be a lot of confusion. “Oh, where is Bee?” they would ask. I would respond, “Bee is over by the flowers loving life.” In which case they would worry if there was a bee sneaking up on them from behind to terrify them during lunch. Or did I mean me, Bee? And for the record, I do not skip through the flowers. I do however sneeze through them.

So this is the first of many pages of a blog perhaps only the void may read. Massive followers full of Bee loving devotion is not the goal of this. The goal is to practice my comma. My comma? Yes not coma like some reading can cause, but comma. That little rounded punctuation that no one can seriously understand unless they are stellar at grammar. I am not stellar. Not even a little bit. I have begged universities for whole semesters of classes named things like ‘The Mystery of the Comma’. But alas, no takers. I am here to practice my comma, my grammar, my writing and pros. And if you enjoy my journey, you may learn about this mysterious comma.

But that is not the whole blog. Not yet. I have no clear message to me like many do. I do not have earth shattering information that will change the face of the planet. Well maybe. Like, trying to describe to people not in my nerd circle the significance of a sock. I merely commented that when I was fired I did not receive the customary single sock of freedom. But dear reader, maybe we are outgrowing the tradition of sock giving. I then point you to the end of the second Harry Potter book where Dobby the House Elf received a sock to gain freedom. It might have been by accident for him, but my being fired was intentional. They meant to give me my freedom from them. And I am sure their freedom from sarcastic me. But alas! No socks. Perhaps they were fresh out.

I will end then with a simple request. Come along with me? Like we all go to the bathroom at the same time, we can enjoy this blog at the same time. As I grow, make mistakes, perhaps offend, and charm the population. So shall you perhaps be charmed, or offended. Take your pick. (I would add a smiley face emoji here, but I am not yet to that phase of blogging. I am just at the comma.) I have been accused by the previous employer of being too charming, and borderline offensive depending on the day. I am no wild west gunslinger bucking all the rules. I am simply a Girl Named Bee.

“Age is no longer the primary factor that determines where you are on the map. Life is now less about how old you are and more about when you decide to live.”
― Jon AcuffStart: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters