Writer Prompt Challenge Accepted

writing prompt
Courtesy of Story Shack


Where was it? Dammit, he just managed to secure that little gem to trade for a hit and now it was lost. Sweating and shaking, he knew he needed it bad. He had to find that single earring. All of his mind began to fixate on the hit. Tremors were taking him over and if he didn’t get a hit soon the guards would know. Everyone would know. Frantically he looked around the small cell and the four walls closing in. The walls were full of eyes all watching him. He knew they were. But a hit would make it go away. A hit would calm his mind and relax his body back into the normal stasis.

Stasis. A word not used often in the outside world. Or on the inside either. But as he got down on that grimy, disgusting, cement floor he searched out that earring that would pay for a hit. He never thought he would be there. Never did he see himself nearly sprawled on a filthy cell floor hoping for a miracle. He was a doctor once. Once upon a time.

A guard walked by with complacency, “Lights out!” he commanded.

“I don’t need any sleep.” he muttered back just soft enough for the guard to miss it.

Finally he found his prize. That single earring! It was bright in the lights of the cell and now he could get his fix. Now he could stop the shakes. But, light’s out.




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