Fictional Friday 9.14.18: A Man Named Haunt

man walking on floor
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This character is one of my favorite ones to push and discover. Enjoy the confrontation he needed.

Layah was looking over the shots and wondered where that paparazzi was even tucked away that no one noticed them at all. He tutted falsely, “You are making the wrong reputation for yourself.” he said snidely.

She looked him back in the eye and refused to be baited. “If your goal is to terrify me again, you already tried this tactic once. None of that matters.” she warned.

He sat back and considered her, “You gained over a million followers in four days.” he pointed out.

“I don’t even know how to find it, nor will I find out.” she said stubbornly to him. “I will not be one to check up on social media.”

“In five weeks you can delete it can’t you.” he said more smoothly. “That is all this is isn’t it? Just to get by?”

Lost in a thought she considered it, “No.” she said finally as her eyes snapped back on his. “No not one minute. It is about that unit. And I will be focussed there until I am no longer necessary.”

“Well you got your whole hospital to post for you.” he snorted and he got up and looked out the window instead of faced her.

“I had no hand in any of it.” she said with quiet honesty. “Like the whole week I had no control over my social media.”

He turned his head slightly as if to glance at her only. It seemed he was already dismissing her, so she stood to go. “I am not finished.” he said and so she sat.

Again he was silent, “You can’t be so innocent in all this.” His tone was suspicious and thoughtful as he remained looking out the window. “No one can be what you are presenting. It isn’t possible.” he said sharply and finally he turned. “So who are you really?”

“I am what I am Haunt.” she told him calmly. “This tactic won’t work either. I have already had my character ruined once too.”

“What is it about you that has a whole hospital defying my attempt to take you down? What do you have that makes men like you met last week behave instead of act out?” he wondered.

“A backbone Haunt. At least with those men.” she told him. “But the other? Maybe the reality that I present exactly as I am. That I have walked in the shoes of those parents that defended me. That I am the front line when life is crushed and crumbled.” she told him firmly as she stood and came toward him. “I am the one standing when the dust settles in the night that is the worst night for many.”

Then her mind cleared of her temper some, “Forgive me, my colleagues and I. They, we, all of us, are there for people like you. People who post fake lives on social media sites that make others emulate you. People who have the world at their fingertips and even those that don’t. We are the ones meeting those face to face that are stuck in a drug war that is fast becoming an epidemic.”

There was a long silence where they stared at one another and she was probably as fierce-looking as his expression in his eyes. “So who are you Haunt?” she asked quietly. Taking her seat she stared that man down and didn’t give in, “Who is this man who is The Voice of Reason in Hollywood, who terrifies everyone and shows no mercy? Who are you?”

Again there was a long stretch of silence where he considered her. “I wish I knew.” he said finally and quietly.

“Me too.” she said back with sincerity.

I can honestly admit I am in love with this fictional man. He never ceases to surprise and intruigue me. Even if I could never date him.


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