Word of the Day Challenge: Mentor

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Word Of The Day Challenge: Mentor

The time has come for me to choose a mentor. It weighs heavily on my mind as I step into a new world so different from the one I lived even three months ago. The essence of humanity that is quickly becoming lost is learning from our elders. Wisdom is being replaced by poorly written false news reels bent on stirring up emotion and chaos. So how am I to find a mentor?

Luckily at the new position I am in, they sent me straight to the one mentor that has grown several leaders. But that is only one side of things. The mentorship has to be mutual in a face to face situation. So I go every day and sit to listen and strive to do my best always. So far so good. I am driven to learn everything. Every small bit of wisdom I can and see what I do with it.

It has only been two days. And yet I am pushing to be perfect. Obviously that isn’t how this works. Perfect is impossible. Luckily that mentor pointed that out very quickly. I am very lucky to be placed where I am. Many of us have to look and may not find anyone to emulate. We turn to books, blogs, and advice columns. I think it fantastic that we have so much information at our fingertips. But it can dehumanize the value of the term mentor just as easily. So I will keep looking for mentors in my small human world. The preservation of knowledge and humanity always continues.



6 thoughts on “Word of the Day Challenge: Mentor

  1. I completely agree with you, Bee, that the learning of elders is increasingly less frequently passed on these days. I think that’s in part because we have segregated the ages to a much greater extent than is natural.

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