Word of the Day Challenge: Taciturn

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m posting in response to The Word of the Day Challenge: Taciturn

Each book I write, at least one character has a book that is their go to book. The one that they can compare all of life to. And in this one, it is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

But this new her, the person that loved herself, needed to remember that even Mr. Darcy, like men in her real life, needed to treat her as well as he did in the end of the book with Elizabeth. Both of them learned lessons, and Layah liked to think she learned hers years ago. The homestead she was on meant everything to her. She would rather be alone in life than face the danger of a man who would tear apart her psyche with hateful one liners, snide cut downs, and nothing but disdain for who she was.

Her mind wandered to Professor Haunt and she paused. Since warning him that day about respecting her, he hadn’t really made a point to insult her. She frowned to herself. It was an interesting thought, but there was no possible way he would be able to hold back from her long with his insulting banter.

The kettle whistled below and she came down the stairs, book in hand. Getting her tea ready, she plopped in her chair by the large window that overlooked the mountains, though it was dark at the moment. She lost herself to a story that started women all over the world fantasizing about taciturn men and how to tame them.

Haunting Wilderness, Bee 2017

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