The Growing Monster of ‘What If’

red and white concrete lighthouse surrounded by snow near body of water
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All Mantras come from

This week I am barely sleeping and barely eating. This is normal right? So naturally, unlike when I was too young to know better, I sought out mantras to help me pass through this week of being brave.

“Release all worry and celebrate what could go right.”

When September started, I challenged myself with being brave. And I think I’ve done smashing! I’ve begun a new job and now I’m about to go on into a new life. One I said I would never do again. And one a few would love to tear down for their own satisfaction.

“Within me is a peacefulness that cannot be disturbed.”

I am sure every bride has their freak out moments, but mine is related to the ‘What if’s’. It stems from making a mistake the first time and learning so much from that. I know I am not making a mistake when I get married this Saturday.

“Every breath I take calms me and every breath I exhale takes away tension.”

All these things are small things I will repeat just as I have my mantras during my miles of open water swimming.

“Just keep swimming.”

Or my favourite and Bee Original: “There is no lake monster from outer space.” I repeat over and over again once the bottom falls away and I am left staring into the murky void of God knows what.

So unless the lake monster from outer space emerges from the great lake I am being married on, I think I will be alright this time around.

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