Mackinac Island

My first stop in the trip involves horses and carriages, fudge, and the best coffee. There is plenty to see and do on an island only 8.2 miles in diameter. Biking, hiking, and horse back riding to name a few.

Taxi services

This time around we also tried the nightlife. This island is small, quaint, and calm. Until about 9pm. And then the main strip comes alive with overnighters and locals alike. It isn’t wild and crazy but vibrant and amazing. There are live bands, warm pubs, and gourmet restaurants.

The best coffee on the island is not The Starbucks but across the street at a place called the Seabiscuit. Seriously the best Irish coffee I’ve found since the Red Fox Inn in Ireland near the Ring of Kerry.

I’ll leave you with some sites that I gathered in my two days on the island. But check the weather and bundle up this time of year! We had sunshine, rain, and flurries which changed hourly. If you find yourself lacking, every shop has winter gear and rain gear available and every pub is warm and waiting. Enjoy.

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