Campobello – Canada


Bog Walk – Campobello Island

Our whole trip danced us in and out of the U.S./Canadian border. So naturally right across the bridge from where we stayed in Maine was a place called Roosevelt Campobello International Park. It was the boyhood summer home of FDR and his family. He often returned to it throughout his life and during his presidency.

We loved this park! It was off the radar as far as major tourism and we found that the ecotourist inside all of us should visit and perhaps often. It is geared for the historian and ecotourist only being free, small, and informative.

The first hike we took was considered moderate by the park but we guessed later it was from the incline near the end to look out over the bay. The path was wide and full of roots and I was easily able to trek it in my crocs and holding a coffee. (It was chilly that day). Wild apple trees are everywhere and we were thrilled to compare it to Michigan where we just came from.

We could see the place we stayed from across the bay clearly that day. As we were enjoying the ocean view near Light Point we had a bald eagle fly over our heads and land out on a rock to pose for us. The park is full of rock beaches, seals, bald eagles, and whales.

This park is WORTH IT! Wear shoes and long pants and bring your binoculars and cameras. It is found just on the other side of Lubec Maine.  From the park lookouts you can see all off the bay and some of the historical sites that otherwise would remain hidden when on the water. We were thrilled with this small find and recommend it highly to anyone.


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