My Current Project: #Authorslife

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“But people themselves alter so much, that there is something new to be observed in them for ever.” — Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

So what does an author write about when she has a writing competition for word count and massive writers block? Well I could refer to my blog about Busting Through Writer’s Block OR I could find a whole new way. And I did, friends! I did with more excitement than I could ever imagine. It was just what I needed to bring me back to writing after a couple weeks of writer’s block from the intensity of learning a new position and job. I asked myself, WHAT IF…

WHAT IF my favorite novel really had one more character?

WHAT IF there was a different person telling that story I nearly have memorized?

WHAT IF there was more to this story than originally mentioned?

So I took those what ifs and turned them into a project. I took my favorite novel and I wrote myself into it. I mean COME ON who wouldn’t LOVE to be part of Pride and Prejudice? COME ON DARCY! But in all reality he was perfectly situated as Jane Austen wrote him. All of them were. And so I took that book and with a project just for myself, I wrote me into the story as the story teller.

A funny thing happened when I started doing that. I was forced into a world of trying to make my story and that of the real book seamless. So now I had a new writing style to learn and it was fascinating. I always try to improve my writing and learning a style long since dead was incredible. I mean has ANYONE noticed the massive 50 word run on sentences? So now I am at liberty to run on when I have been trying to stop that bad habit. I get the privilege of not necessarily placing a name with a conversation and just allowing for the story to flow through the characters.

So add this to the ways to bust through that writer’s block! I won’t do the author the disservice of publishing any of it on a blog or for more than my eyes. But it is becoming a pet project and I am looking forward to where this story may lead, though I have a pretty good idea Elizabeth with end up with Darcy, Jane will end up with Bingley, and my character? Only time and my fancy will tell.




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