The Growing Monster of ‘What If’

All Mantras come from This week I am barely sleeping and barely eating. This is normal right? So naturally, unlike when I was too young to know better, I sought out mantras to help me pass through this week of being brave. “Release all worry and celebrate what could go right.” When September started, I … Continue reading The Growing Monster of ‘What If’

Confessions of a Single Mom

Do you know how you feel about single mothers? Or are you one? Have you heard these before?: She is lazy, her kids are out of control, she's selfish and ignores her kids, she's a slut. I've heard every single one. Said right to me by family, strangers, neighbors, and some not so awesome friends. … Continue reading Confessions of a Single Mom

The Empowerment of Simon, Jon, and Dave

Photos courtesy of:,, Dave Ramsey often states that the average millionaire reads at least one non-fiction book a month. I found this an interesting tip and often try to emulate what I find worth emulating. Reading one non-fiction a month would grow me, prepare me, and educate me better than all the … Continue reading The Empowerment of Simon, Jon, and Dave